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China Bambro Textile Co., Limited is developed China Bambro Textile (Group) Co., Limited

Because we develop bamboo series, modal series, organic cotton series, hemp series product, including fabrics, yarns, tops, and fibers....


New Product series: Hemp

  shanghai, 30 Oct, 2013

We find the good hemp yarn supplier, and we will develop Hemp fabric series, welcome customers to require

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Shanghai Fabric exhibition

  shanghai, 24 Oct, 2013

BambroTextile participate the Shanghai Fabric exhibition. there is many old and new customers to visit us. We hope more customers to do ex-freindly fabric and Bambrotex will try to help to develop marketing.

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New Product Series

  Zhangjiagang, 31 Dec, 2012

Fabric sale volume is 1.5 times than 2011.

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New Product Series

  Zhangjiagang, 7 July, 2012

Fabric sale volume is twice than 1-7 monthes 2011.

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New Product Manager

  zhangjiagang, 8 Feb, 2012
BambroTex appoint Ms Athena as product department manager.


New Office

  Beijing, 15 Dec, 2011

Bambro Textile make a big decision, we building an office in Shanghai which is in charge of our fianace, and building product office in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu China.



New Product Series

  shanghai, 7 July, 2010

In July 2010, Because some customers plan to order more products from Bambro Textile, we add model product series, tencel product series, hemp product series and orgabic cotton product series.... . The contact Email is



New Test Service

  Bei Jing, 17 Oct, 2007

Somebody wants to check your bamboo textile is surely made from pure bamboo, pls send it to our company, we can give you’re a authoritative test. The contact Email is




  Bei Jing, 06 Nov, 2007

BambroTex will be shown in PREMIERE VISION on Paris in February.



Bambrotex against illegal bamboo fiber supplier

  Tian Jin, 01 Apr, 2007

2*40ft containers illegal bamboo fiber was confiscated at the China, Tian jin port on the 30th March. 2007. The destination port is Istanbul, Turkey.

With the permit of china patent bureau, we once seriously state that we have the patent for bamboo fiber production. Any illegal Chinese supplier will be sued until their production was stopped. Also any illegal overseas buyer will be sued.

Bambrotex against illegal bamboo fiber supplier


 ‘Bambrotex Assured’ Project

  Beijing, 10 Apr, 2007
  The objective of "Bambrotex® AssuredTM "is for Bambrotex and its business partners to facilitate more efficient global sourcing of quality bamboo fabric, towel, sock, cloth, reduce cycle times, speed innovations to market and to cut the cost of garment elastification. We are positive this approach will create tremendous value for all members in the value chain.
See more at ‘Bambrotex Assured’ page

‘Bambrotex Assured’ Project


Bambrotex at Heimtex

  Mumbai, 10 Oct, 2006
  Bambrotex&Cyarn was present at Heimtex, Mumbai from October 10 to October 13. An excellent experience for us and lots of business to come for our bamboo fiber products.....

Bambrotex at Heimtex


Bambrotex at Instyle

  Karachi, 22 Sep, 2006
  Bambrotex&Cyarn was present at Instyle, Karachi from Sep 21 to Sep 23. Bamboo fiber products attract lost of Pakistani buyers.....

Bambrotex at Instyle


Notice from Bambrotex law departmentb

  Beijing, 21, February , 2006

Actions on the way

1. Currently we have already authorized Turkish Patent Attorney to investigate illegal supplier in Turkey.

2. Also Bambrotex lab is collecting these so called”100% bamboo fiber” sample of illegal sources in Turkey market. Test result shows that the real bamboo content of so called ”100% bamboo fiber” is even lower than 60%! Litigation will be raised against illegal supplier soon.

3. Major Customs in Turkey has expressed that they will work with Bambrotex’s attorney to check and detain goods from illegal supplier on the seaport.

We believe that the strike on illegal bamboo fiber will help maintain bamboo market growing well-ordered. Also our customers will soon release the anxiety about facing competition from spinner using fake bamboo fiber.

  Click the picture to read full article.

Notice from Bambrotex law departmentb



  Mumbai, 05, February , 2007
  Bambrotex action against illegal bamboo fiber suppliers in Turkey reported by Fiber2Fashion. Click the picture to read the news!



Oeko Tex Certification

  Beijing, December 21, 2006

We are pleased to inform you that Bambrotex has prolonged our OEKO certificate to 2007, 12, 15. Bambrotex bamboo fiber has been certified by TESTEX ever since 2006, 12, 15. Bambrotex bamboo fiber is qualified for CLASS 1, babe use. It means that we are increasingly aware of the relationship between textile production and related environmental issues. Therefore we want more and more to give priority to textile suppliers producing ecological sound products.

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Pallet package

  Beijing, August 16, 2006

Bambrotex pallet package is working now! Using pallet package can help our customers save more than 10% sea freight; meanwhile it can load about 17-18% more quantities bamboo yarns than carton and plastic bale package.

Click the picture to read more.

Pallet package


Voice over IP: SKYPE

  Beiing, September, 2006
  lets call free of charge! We are on Skype: do the same!
Bambrotex Skype ID: chinabambrotex

Bambrotex reported by Carrefour


Bambrotex reported by Carrefour

  Beiing, January, 2007
  Confirmed by Mr. Eric CHAUVIERE from Carrefour Textile Quality department, some of Carrefour finished bamboo towels were made by Bambrotex bamboo fiber. As we know, Carrefour always cared about the environment, especially for the hydrolysis-alkalization and multi-phase bleaching process of bamboo fiber. It means Bambrotex bamboo fiber can reach Carrefour quality standard requirement.
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Bambrotex reported by Carrefour


Bambrotex worldwide

  Beiing, December, 2006
  Today, more and more global clients using Bambrotex Trademark on their product, click the clients LOGO for details.

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