Bambrotex Stock List

Sometimes, Bambrotex have some stock, if you are urgent to test our product, or urgent to develope market, please kindly check our stock to match your market. we have below product bamboo knitting fabric, bamboo weaving fabric, bamboo towel, bamboo tops, bamboo yarns, model fabrics, tencel fabrics, other finished stock etc. 

Bamboo Fabric (woven and knitted)

Modal Fabric (woven and knitted)

Bamboo Towel

Tencel Fabric (woven and knitted)

Tops and yarns

Bedding and Linen

*Note1:Buyers can apply for the following authentication
             materials from Bambrotex :
                       Bamboo Content Test Report
                       Bambrotex Hangtag
                       Bamboo Fiber Patent Certificate

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