Bambrotex pallet package is working now! Using pallet package can help our customers save more than 10% sea freight; meanwhile it can load about 17-18% more quantities bamboo yarns than carton and plastic bale package.


Dimension of our pallet

Length: 113cm
Width: 113cm
Height: 13.8cm


Re-usable wooden pallets

We can load 13 layers cones on every pallet. It can fit 20 pallets in a 40’HC. The height is 227cm after putting yarns on the pallets. The pallet will be quite easy to load/unload. In order to make full use of the space in the container, we will put 2 layers plastic bales yarns on the top of every pallet. In this case, we can load 19tons yarns in a 40’HC.  

Pallet package also contributes to environment protection.

‘Re-useable wooden pallets’ help us save more tress. Wood is precious material: let us help nature by saving it!  

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