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China Bambro Textile (Group) Co., Ltd., the leading company of application, marketing and services of bamboo series product, is a large-scale supplier focus on innovation, manufacturing of the natural, green, and biodegradable bamboo fibre, tops, yarns,knitting fabric, woven fabric,towel....  As the leading manufacture of bamboo raw materials, Bambrotex was established in 2000 and we are so proud of brining bamboo into textile industry. Our products range include bamboo fiber, bamboo yarn, bamboo top, bamboo knitting fabric, weaving fabric, and towel....

China Bambro Textile specializes in the research, development and application of the new-typed eco-friendly textile material, Bamboo fibre, which fills a new niche in green natural fibre in textile industries.

Bamboo fibre is made from well-selected non-polluted bamboo in Yunnan Province. They are all 3-4 year old new bamboo, of good character and ideal temper. In the whole process, there is no pollution. As a kind of special profiled fibre, fibre textile bamboo was 100% made from bamboo through high-tech process. It is really natural eco-friendly fibre without any chemical additive.

"I wont forget the feeling of coolness, air-breathability bamboo fibre clothes give me?-"

"Wow! The bamboo fibre bedding is non-sticking to the body! I feel extremely cool and comfortable " "what impresses me most is bamboo fibre's natural anti-bacteria character. I hate chemical anti-bacteria agent added in apparel production, now I can say goodbye to allergy.

Above are the comments to Bamboo fibre from its customers.

The invention of Bamboo fibre is the contribution of mankind to the protection of natural rare minerals, the protection of resources, the care of the environment and the consideration of the global balance.

For the wide and perfect application of Bamboo fibre in textile industry, China Bambro Textile has scheduled to take active in overseas market expansion with emphasis on fibre textile bamboo products.

Bambrotex is quite well known in textile industry all over the world with our high level quality and our best downstream service.

We have started the development and manufacturing of the downstream products of Bamboo fibre like yarns, fabrics and towels, so as to develop its global market and provide customers with perfect technology services and marketing support..
Also China Bambrotex built the production lines with the most advanced machines (the advanced pulp production system and fibre production system).and we have a stable production capacity of 20000tons/year now.

In June of 2001, Bambrotex purchased a small spinner with 50000 spindles then we brought in the most advanced machines for yarns. In OCT 2005, with the requirements of downstream markets, we brought knitting machines for doing the high level quality knitting fabric as a main knitting suppler to all over the world. In June 2006, we find the weaving fabric and towel partners, so we can supply bamboo woven fabric and towel, including bedding fabric and denim fabric and towel fabric for all customers. Please browse our web pages of fibre, yarn, knitting fabric, weaving fabric and towel


In July 2010, Because some customers plan to order more products from Bambro Textile, we add model product series, tencel product series, hemp product series and orgabic cotton product series....


We hope to do the best product for all customers. If you have any question for our product, please don't hesitate to contact us:


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