Original bamboo fiber is also called as natural bamboo fiber. Original bamboo fiber is a kind of really natural, green, healthy, eco-friendly type fiber due to be directly picked up from natural bamboo, using physical and mechanical method to make pure natural bamboo fiber without any chemical additive.

The appearance and functional property of original bamboo fiber is similar with ramie fiber or bast fiber and leaf fiber, but original bamboo fiber is finer and thinner than ramie fiber, and anti-bacterial, germicidal, deodorant and anti-UV effect of original bamboo fiber is stronger than ones of ramie fiber and bamboo pulp fiber (bamboo viscose fiber).  The production flow of natural original bamboo fiber: Natural raw bamboo → bamboo strip → steaming of bamboo strip → crushing and decomposing → biological enzyme degumming → fiber carding →natural original bamboo fiber

Original bamboo fiber length can be made into cotton and wool type length from average 38mm to 90mm in accordance with fiber's purpose. We can produce original bamboo long fiber 80 -90mm and short fiber 30 -40mm . currently original bamboo fiber's fineness is average 6dtex due to its production flow and method.

Natural original bamboo fiber is a kind of natural functional fiber characterized by properties of antibacterial, bacteriostasis, deodorant and ultraviolet radiation resistant, cool etc. Natural original bamboo fiber fills a new niche in green natural bamboo products all over the world. Appearance of natural original bamboo fiber is a new revolution in worldwide textile industries. Currently, the following original bamboo fiber series of products has been successfully developed: pure original bamboo yarn, blended original bamboo yarn, original bamboo fabric, original bamboo socks, original bamboo towels, original bamboo beddings and original bamboo garment, etc.

Natural original bamboo fiber can be used for pure and blended spinning for both knitting and weaving. Original bamboo fiber is one of the new choices of raw materials for enterprises who are specialized in wool spinning, hemp spinning, silk spinning, cotton spinning, color spinning and semi-worsted spinning etc., and who wish to develop and promote their pioneer products. Original bamboo fiber blended products are indispensable to domain of underwear and socks. The count of spun yarn of pure natural bamboo fiber can reach as high as 60Nm. To increase the functionality of fabrics, fabric producing enterprises may choose natural original bamboo yarns for interweaving. For instance, a fabric interweaved by flax 39Nm and natural original bamboo fiber 39Nm is a value-added product in respect that the fabric is endowed with functions of antibacterial and deodorant by the natural original bamboo fiber while at the same time maintains the style of flax products.



Description of bamboo origin Fibers

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