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The one who used bamboo fibre had knew that bamboo fibre is a natural, green, soft, anti-bacterial, anti-UV, moisture absorptive, breathable, cool, comfortable, environmental and eco-friendly fibre. In our past 10 years, we supply all our customers not only the high quality goods but also the timely services.

Many of the customers confused what is real bamboo fibre. Don’t worry now. Bambrotex can help all customers to distinguish what is real bamboo fibre and test whether it is real bamboo fiber from SGS.

If it is your first time use bamboo fibre and don’t know how to dye and finish it. Don’t worry! We will give you the note how to dye the fibre, yarn and fabric and the guidance for finish.

The Argentine president mission invited us attend the Sino-Argentina trading cooperation to discuss business at Beijing International Club on 25 Jan. 2010. When we introduced our bamboo products, they are very interested in it. Because at that moment Argentina is the summer season. The cool and soft feeling of our bamboo products takes them very comfortable.

Bambrotex have the patent in Turkey to sell our bamboo fiber. Patent NO.: TR2100500359B. Others who sell bamboo fibers will be impleaded.

In Nov. 2009, we sent a statement to American FTC claims that it is suitable for our bamboo products to lable as bamboo not rayon not viscose. Our bamboo fiber which is our brand of bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber, made from the natural organic bamboo by a high tech process that is non polluting to the environment during our production. The process is a combination of our patent. Numbers: ZL03128496.5,004100464515 and 2005-G-13848. Our bamboo fiber is different from other supplier’s viscose from bamboo fiber, because not all bamboo fiber has or offers anti-bacteria characters. The density of our bamboo fiber compared to other supplier’s of bamboo fiber is different. The density of our bamboo fiber is bigger or larger thus providing more anti-bacterial properties.



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