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Tanboocel bamboo fiber, which is our brand of bamboo fiber, is a regenerated cellulose fiber - made from the natural organic bamboo by a high tech process that is non-polluting to the environment during production. The process is a combination of our patent Numbers: ZL03128496.5,004100464515 and 2005-G-13848. Our bamboo fiber is different from other supplier’s “viscose from bamboo” fiber because of the density of our fibers, as compared to our competitor’s fiber. The density of our bamboo fiber is bigger and larger, thus providing more anti-bacterial properties. We have SGS testing certificates verifying this factor and we, along with most of the World, stand by SGS’s findings.

The main chemical used during the process is sodium hydroxide, most commonly known as caustic soda or CS2. Caustic soda is one of the most widely used chemicals in the world. It is used in food production, soap making, manufacturing of bio-diesel, production of paper, and is used on nearly all cotton fabrics, including organic cotton (during the wet processing). Caustic soda is approved for use on textiles under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

One of the most important parts of the process is all recyclable. We process in a hermetic container where 100% of the chemicals that are used are trapped and contained - not released into our factory, environment or atmosphere. 73% of CS2’s are recycled, 26% are recycled into H2SO4. So those chemicals do not pollute any part of the environment. Each step of the process is watched for many reasons: Company policy, brand commitment, and China's strict environmental ethical standards. We know many of these processing issues are extremely sensitive and we are committed to be a leader in the eco/green industry when it comes to bamboo fiber, but also for the safety of our team/staff. We do not claim the entire process is “green”, but we do strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and are accountable for our process and recycling of these chemicals. Tanboocel bamboo fiber also has passed OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 which is another leader when it comes to testing for harmful substances. We have passed these OEKO TEX STANDARDS 3 years in a row. The bamboo we use and process is certified by (OCIA) Organic Crops Improvement Association International which is certifies our bamboo is organic bamboo under “wild crops” and certified organic under “organic farms”. Our vision and commitment has always been to be as eco-friendly as possible and has not changed in any part of our processing from start to finish.



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